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IDK my BFF...

a claims community

Idk my bff...
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( IDK, my BFF... )
Welcome to idk_my_bff, a claims community. This is the place to go if you want to claim your LJ best friend forever. So feel welcomed to join, give the rules a good read, and let us all know just who is your BFF.

overthespaces - K
bryzee - Bryana

iam_the, iam_lj, and is_my_bf are the inspirations for this community. I thought it would be fun to not only pick yourself, your boyfriend, or your girlfriend, but your best friend as well.

you? pm us!
1) One claim per livejournal.
2) Claiming fictional characters is a-okay even if the actor playing the character is already claimed.
3) If you want a different BFF, make sure you drop your first claim before claiming someone different.
4) When posting, the title of your entry should be "IDK my BFF... (first name / last name)". Anything else will be ignored.
5) You must link back to the community to get to keep your claim. (You have a week after your claim is accepted and added to the list to link back)

Please note that any journals that have a claim on a BFF and have not been updated in (2) months OR don't have the link back to the claim or comm stand a chance to lose their claim. If someone else wants that bff, they are free to "steal" it. Have any questions on that, feel free to contact us.
.Please note anybody can be your BFF. This includes fictional and non fictional persons, so please in your post when asked who your BFF is include the following 'First Name / Last Name (athlete, actor, actress, t.v. show, musician, character, etc./ sport-team, movie, show, band, book, etc.)'.

name (actor or actress / tv show title)

Sounds easy enough?
Then fill out the form below and claim your BFF!

P r o f i l e