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IDK my BFF...
a claims community
 Hey guys! Okay, so first things first. The claims list is all… 
23rd-Apr-2011 12:33 am
 Hey guys!

Okay, so first things first. The claims list is all up to date. Thanks for your patience!

As for the poll about if we should let people keep their "outdated" claims or not, it was open for more than two months and when I was updating the profile and rules it was at where we'll keep the claims, but (within reason) people can "steal" the claim if it's up for grabs, so to say. I realize now it's at a tie, but I just didn't close it in time. If you feel we should redo or reopen the poll, please say so now (within the next week) or forever hold your peace. I really do think it's fairest if we just let people keep their claims until someone wants to "steal" it because I know I can go months without updating my LJ, but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't use it in other comms. But it's also unfair to people to want to claim a BFF and really be active with their journal. So, this way, everyone wins, in my opinion. And in claiming a BFF, you are warned you can lose it if you don't update within a reasonable amount of time!

Like I said before, I did update the profile and broke down the rules a bit more to let it be translated easier. They're simple and easy, so it can't get any better than that.
As always, any questions, comments, or concerns, comment.
Other than that, thanks for visiting and claiming your BFF!
-Mod / K
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