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IDK my BFF...
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IDK my BFF, Mick... 
26th-Jun-2009 10:07 pm
Bully // going south

Your name: Jess
Live Journal that this claim is for: ajokercard
How did you find this community: Via other communities and links

Who is your BFF?: Mick "Deth" Morris
What genre and fandom is he/she from?: musician // ex- eighteen visions, ex- bleeding through. Currently owner of Dethless Clothing.
Why is he/she your BFF? Because at the weirdest times he make me smile (via Twitter) and he's amusing, comes off as a sweetie and he answers myspace messages. And he always sends back one more heart then I do on myspaz messages. In English, he's a doll and I love him.
Finally, may we see a photo of your BFF?: of course you may
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